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Product Demography

The Social Lives of Products: Analyzing Product Demography for Management Theoryand Practice (with Olga M. Khessina and David G. McKendrick ). The Academy of Management Annals, 4 (2010): 157-203.
Product Demography of De Novo and De Alio Firms in the Optical Disk Drive Industry, 1983-1999 (with Olga M. Khessina). Organization Science, 19 (2008): 25-38.
Cover: The Demography of Corporations and Industries
The Demography of Corporations and Industries (with Michael T. Hannan). Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2000. | Amazon | Publisher | Google Books | Goodreads

The Demography of Corporations and Industries is the first book to present the demographic approach to organizational studies in its entirety. It examines the theory, models, methods, and data used in corporate demographic research. Carroll and Hannan explore the processes by which corporate populations change over time, including organizational founding, growth, decline, structural transformation, and mortality. They review and synthesize the major theoretical mechanisms of corporate demography, ranging from aging and size dependence to population segregation and density dependence. The book also explores some selected implications of corporate demography for public policy, including employment and regulation.